How to buy Bravo Notes?

You can sign up for Bravo Notes right inside in Azure DevOps after starting a trial. If you are interested in enterprise plans and custom payment options please contact [email protected].

Can Bravo Notes generate release notes during a build or release?

Yes. The Bravo Notes build task can be used inside a build or release pipeline. Read on about the Bravo Notes build task here.

Can we control what work item types are considered in the generated release notes?

Yes. Bravo Notes provides the concept of Labels that let you categorize and filter your work items. Read on about Labels here.

My markdown headings don't render correctly

Often a newline is missing before the ### heading syntax. Make sure to place a newline before markdown headings:


### {{ field 'Title' }}


What permissions are required for the build task to publish to a Wiki

To allow publishing from the Bravo Notes build task to a Azure DevOps Wiki you need to give the build agent service Contribute permissions. More information can be found here.

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