Labels is a concept in Bravo Notes to help you control where and how to output your work items in the document you want to generate.

Example: Separate new features from fixed bugs

Say your list of work items include work items of type Bug and User Story.

Usually you don't want to output user stories and bugs in the same list. With labels you can make sure to output user stories and bugs in separate sections in the final document.

Having labels set up for fixed bugs and new features you can do just that.

So instead of outputting all work items using the {{#workItems}} helper you can use {{#workItems 'bugfix' }} to only list fixed bugs.

Your template could look like this:

 ## New features

{{#workItems 'feature' }}
### {{ title }}

## Fixed bugs
<br>{{#workItems 'bugfix' }}
### {{ title }}

Use built-in labels to separate by work item type

Built-in labels allow you to separate work items by work item type.

 ## User stories

{{#workItems '$UserStory' }}
### {{ title }}

Add custom labels with conditions for full control

While built-in labels give you a quick way to separate labels often just looking at the work item type is not enough.

Looking at the bug-fix example we don't want every bug that has been worked on to appear in the relaese notes but only the ones that have actually been fixed.

To achieve this a label with a condition "Work Item Type = Bug" AND "State = Closed" makes sure only fixed bug get the bug-fix label.

To try this go to the [Work items] tab and click the [Labels] action.

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