Add additional single work items that are not part of your release notes items

Sometimes we have work items that don't describe what has changed in the software but provide additional often internal information like test suites.

In this example we use the {{workItem}} (singular) helper to output additional work items.

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Given the following template

## New features

{{#workItems '$UserStory'}}

### {{{ field 'Title' }}}


## Regression testing

{{#workItem 500}}  

### Test plan: {{field 'Title'}} 


Work items

Given these work items were added

Id Title WorkItemType
100 🍇Story 100 User Story
200 🍈Story 200 User Story
300 🍊Story 300 User Story
400 🍋Story 400 User Story

Other work items

And these work items also exist in the system but are not in your Bravo Notes work item list.

Id Title WorkItemType
500 Test Suite 500 Test Suite


Bravo Notes generates the document like this:

New features

🍇Story 100

🍈Story 200

🍊Story 300

🍋Story 400

Regression testing

Test plan: Test Suite 500

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