Bravo Notes subscriptions

Billing cycles

A subscription’s billing date is determined by two factors:

  • Its “billing cycle anchor”: This defaults to when the subscription was created.
  • The billing interval of its plan - monthly or annual

For example, a customer subscribed to a monthly plan set to cycle on the 2nd of the month will always be billed on the 2nd. A different customer, subscribed to that same plan starting on the 15th, will always be billed on the 15th.

If a month does not have the anchor day, the subscription will be billed on the last day of the month. For example, a subscription starting on January 31 bills on February 28 (or February 29 in a leap year), then March 31, April 30, and so on.

Cancelling a subscription

You can cancel your subscription anytime before the next billing cycle starts. Just send a cancellation request email to [email protected]. A self-service cancellation feature is on our roadmap.

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