Show content from specific child task

For each user story we want to show the Description of the "Security review" child task.

You can also output other link types. See these docs for a complete list of link types.


Given the following template


### Story: {{{ field 'Title' }}}

{{#links 'Child' }}
{{#if-field 'Title' value='Security Review'}}

**Security review notes**

{{{field 'Description'}}}



Work items

Given these work items were added

Id Title WorkItemType Child
10 🍇Story 10 User Story 300
20 🍈Story 20 User Story 400

Other work items

And these work items also exist in the system but are not in your Bravo Notes work item list.

Id Title WorkItemType Description
300 Security Review Task Hardened aggainst XSS attacks
400 Security Review Task No findings


Bravo Notes generates the document like this:

Story: 🍇Story 10

Security review notes

Hardened aggainst XSS attacks

Story: 🍈Story 20

Security review notes

No findings

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