Group by area path and work item type

Given a list of user stories we group stories by area path and then by work item type.

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Given the following template

{{#group 'AreaPath' orderBy='$key'}}

{{#each groups}}

## Area Path: {{$key}}

{{#group 'WorkItemType'}}

{{#each groups}}

### Type: {{$key}}

{{#workItems orderBy='Title'}}
- {{{ field 'Title' }}}





Work items

Given these work items were added

Id Title AreaPath WorkItemType
1 Item 1 Backend User Story
2 Item 2 Frontend User Story
3 Item 3 Frontend Bug


Bravo Notes generates the document like this:

Area Path: Backend

Type: User Story

  • Item 1

Area Path: Frontend

Type: User Story

  • Item 2

Type: Bug

  • Item 3
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