Work item hierarchy

In this example we start from a list of work items and group them by parent two times.

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Given the following template

{{!--  we have a list of PBIs here, group them by parent  --}}

{{#group 'parent' orderBy="title"}}

{{!--  now we have a variable called 'groups' containing the groups
of PBIs. As we group by parent these are basically our features  --}}

{{!-- we group those groups again by parent to get to the epic level  --}}

{{#group groups 'parent' orderBy="title"}}

{{!-- now 'groups' contains our Epics. We can iterate over those
with the standard handlebars #each helper  --}}

{{#each groups}}

{{!-- as we grouped by parent each group is a work item so we
can use the fields and other work item helpers as usual  --}}

{{!-- some features might not have a parent epic so we check if
work item fields actually exist  --}}
{{#if fields}}
## Epic: {{ field 'Title' }}
## No Epic assigned

{{!-- each group contains the list of original work items. These
are accessible via the #workItems helper. Here we are in the scope
of an epic so #workItems will list the features of that Epic  --}}

{{#if fields}}
### Feature: {{ field 'Title' }}
### No Feature assigned

{{!-- the same as above we just go one level down and list the stories of
each feature  --}}

  - {{ field 'Title' }}



Work items

Given these work items were added

Id Title WorkItemType Parent
100 🍇Story 100 User Story 30🍐
200 🍈Story 200 User Story 30🍐
300 🍊Story 300 User Story 40🥭
400 🍋Story 400 User Story 40🥭
500 🍌Story 500 User Story 50🍒
600 🍏Story 600 User Story 60🍓

Other work items

And these work items also exist in the system but are not in your Bravo Notes work item list.

Id Title WorkItemType Parent
1 🍎Epic 1 Epic
2 🍍Epic 2 Epic
30 🍐Feature 1a Feature 1🍎
40 🥭Feature 1b Feature 1🍎
50 🍒Feature 2a Feature 2🍍
60 🍓Feature 2b Feature 2🍍


Bravo Notes generates the document like this:

Epic: 🍍Epic 2

Feature: 🍒Feature 2a


  • 🍌Story 500

Feature: 🍓Feature 2b


  • 🍏Story 600

Epic: 🍎Epic 1

Feature: 🍐Feature 1a


  • 🍇Story 100
  • 🍈Story 200

Feature: 🥭Feature 1b


  • 🍊Story 300
  • 🍋Story 400
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